Hello, and welcome my patients and friends. For some time I have mused about sharing my take on random journal and newspaper articles, which seem interesting and relevant. I have also fantasized about a small participatory community, which could give spontaneous feedback. The Concierge Choice people connected me to professionals who made this possible.

I picked as a first topic the importance of the gene pool of the bacteria in the gut and its relation to diet and health. I hope you find this interesting. Operationally, there is no such thing as a bad question, unless you take three pages to write it.

As a practicing internist and cardiologist, I am dedicated to promoting the lifestyle choices that lead to better health, including proper nutrition, fitness, stress and sleep management.

No matter your age, weight or fitness level—with the right partner, you can take incremental steps to reduce your risk of chronic illness. This blog will help you cut through the often confusing health news of the day with clear insight and direction from a physician who actually practices what he preaches.

I am a tri-athlete, a runner, a lover of art and culture, a passionate whole food advocate, and a physician.

Follow my blog and learn a variety of simple, interesting and fun ways to get and stay on the path to long term wellness. I welcome your comments and questions!

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